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Telemedicine Medical Billing Services

Choice Billing possesses a broad range of expertise in the field of medical billing services for telemedicine. Our group is aware of the intricacies and demands associated with billing operations. Hospitals, clinicians, independent and multispecialty practices, and the healthcare industry are among the clients we serve. At Choice Billing, we are aware of the risks associated with telehealth and telemedicine as relatively new means of offering patients access to healthcare facilities, particularly small practice operations. In order to expand and optimize your telemedicine service offerings, we provide expert medical billing and RCM services. Recently, telemedicine and telehealth services have grown in significance. At Choice Billing, we provide technical capabilities and remote access to help you grow your practice.

Contract Choice Billing to handle your telemedicine billing.

Choice Billing provides provider practices in all 50 states with efficient and reasonably priced telemedicine billing services. For simpler collections and complete reimbursements for the patients you are treating remotely, outsource your telemedicine billing to us. Choice Billing is your best revenue cycle partner, submitting thousands of telehealth claims on top of the millions of telehealth charges we collect for our partner practices. We make sure that all of your thoracic billing and telemedicine claims are accurately submitted, promptly paid, and paid according to contract. Being a telemedicine billing company, we are conscious of the novel difficulties that come with telehealth and telemedicine billing. We also acknowledge the lack of provider services for those organizations that have yet to start providing telemedicine to their patients. The majority of medical procedures that weren’t

Maximize Your Income from Telemedicine
Increase Revenue in Your Practice With Streamlined Billing Services

Your partner telemedicine billing company in the United States is Choice Billing.

Hospitals and independent practices can benefit from Choice Billing’s leverage in telemedicine medical billing services. By promptly collecting any overdue reimbursements, we assist you in streamlining your billing procedures and enable you to continue providing patients with care. Among other aspects of billing operations, our team oversees the filing of your claims, insurance collection, posting of payments, and claim audit. You can raise patient satisfaction, enhance patient outcomes, and raise revenue by utilizing our customized services.

Which Telehealth Billing Services does Choice Billing provide?

Our expert telemedicine and telehealth services include, but are not limited to:

Charge Documents

The degree of communication between telehealth service providers and patients is the primary determinant of data and information collection, since patients are interacting with them remotely. Therefore, there is a greater chance of inaccuracy when billing for telemedicine and telehealth services, necessitating a double check of the data.

Assert Scrubbing

The majority of interactions in telemedicine medical services involve interactive video and audio channels between patients and providers. The first step is accurately transcribing clinical data, after which potential errors in the claims are checked and eliminated.

Correctness of Claim Submission

Not all services provided by the telehealth system qualify for financial assistance. Professionals at Choice Billing verify insurance eligibility beforehand before submitting claims within the allotted 48 hours for preparation and scrubbing.

HIPAA Accordance

Providers of telemedicine and telehealth are more vulnerable to security lapses and data breaches. Thus, HIPAA-compliant protocols safeguard our telemedicine medical billing services. At Choice Billing, we safeguard clinical and billing data by utilizing cutting-edge encryption technologies.

Payments for Telemedicine and Telehealth

The rapid growth of telemedicine and telehealth services has raised provider practices’ concerns about the application and handling of telemedicine payment tools. An experienced billing team is required not only for the upfront collections but also for additional copays and insurance reimbursements.

Option for Payment Posting 

In order to maintain immediate post payment, billing keeps track of all patient information as well as the status of payment collection. The payment posting process must be precise and quick, particularly in order for the remote care procedures to move forward with the follow-up visits.

Receive Collection Statements and Reports on Time.

A more accurate picture of the account receivables is produced by the digital payment posting in conjunction with the weekly and monthly reports of the collections. Thus, Choice Billing medical billing teams prepare and distribute the collection reports to assist provider practices in making timely and informed decisions.