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Sleep Medicine Medical Billing Services

As a leading third-party billing company in the USA, Choice Billing provides excellent medical billing services for sleep medicine. With industry-specific experience in dental sleep medicine billing, home sleep testing, pediatric sleep testing, daytime polysomnography, and other related sleep medicine procedures, we are present in more than 50 states. Our medical billing procedures are designed to provide you with prompt, simple, and easy reimbursements. Allow our knowledgeable auditors and billers to optimize your reimbursements. Our billing experts make sure that every one of your claims is vigorously pursued. To improve your bottom line and outsource medical billing services, get in contact with us right now.

Contract Choice Billing to handle the billing for dental sleep medicine

Are you trying to find ways to better organize the billing process for your dental sleep medicine? Or are you searching for skilled and knowledgeable medical billing specialists who can efficiently handle all of your billing needs? If so, your best option for expert medical billing procedures is Choice Billing. We are a full-service RCM business with a focus on medical billing services related to surgery and sleep medicine. For quicker and simpler reimbursement processes as well as streamlined operations for efficient RCM, independent and small practice operations can outsource their billing operations to us. We provide providers with specialty-specific medical billing services for sleep medicine, and our professionals can handle all of your requirements. At Choice Billing, we provide high-quality services while utilizing the newest medical billing instruments and technology.

Boost the Revenue from Your Dental Sleep Medicine
Raise the Bar for Your Dental Sleep Medicine Practice

Medical Billing by a Third Party for Somnologist Services

In the USA, Choice Billing was a pioneer in providing the highest caliber medical billing services for sleep medicine. We employ some of the most knowledgeable and proficient personnel in the sleep medicine medical billing services field. Our personnel can easily meet all of your specific needs. Our billing services are designed to keep doctors from burning out while increasing your bottom line and reimbursements.

Why should you hire Choice Billing to handle your billing operations?

Choice Billing should be your first choice for sleep medicine medical billing services for a number of reasons, including the following:

Sleep Medicine’s Complicated Nature 

In order to ensure timely reimbursements and accurate claims filing for the services rendered, billing sleep medicine presents some special demands and challenges that call for highly trained personnel. The industry’s sleep medicine division is dealing with a rise in volume and the associated expenses of diagnostic services. Consequently, the process becomes more intricate overall. To improve the efficiency of your billing procedures, we offer our sleep medicine billing services.

Quick-Track Cash Flow and Claims Cycle

By submitting claims on time—that is, in less than 48 hours—and by cutting down on the number of cycles for each claim, our sleep medicine billing company dramatically lowers the amount of outstanding accounts payable. For our client practices, about 90% of account receivables are collected within 60 days.

Cutting Expenses

Because you won’t have to worry about internal billing, you, as our partner, get to cut your operational costs while also cutting your billing costs. Compared to outsourcing to outside billing companies like Choice Billing, hiring internal billing staff is more costly.

Increasing Rates of Collection

You won’t experience any denials or rejections as our partner practice because of medical necessity, coding errors, or patient ineligibility. The first time, our professionals submit claims without any issues. Furthermore, our clients’ total collected revenue can increase by over 10% to 30% as a result of our persistent follow-up and denial management.

Utilize Our Skilled Billing Specialists' Services

All of our billing specialists and employees have extensive training, and they also keep up with the most recent billing and coding laws. For coding accuracy, Choice Billing uses more than just automated billing software. We make use of our auditing team so you never have to struggle to understand the constantly changing code requirements. Additionally, we’ll make sure that all of your claims reporting is compliant.