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Prostheses Medical Billing Services

The greatest prostheses medical billing services are provided in the USA by Choice Billing. We take pride in having a skilled group of auditors and billers to manage all of your prosthetics claims. Choice Billing handles all of the front-end heavy lifting for your practices, thereby simplifying your life right away. We handle every aspect of your medical billing so you can concentrate entirely on your patients. Using their many years of medical billing services industry experience, our experts provide you with practical support. No matter the source or size of your accounts, our team’s vast billing experience and adaptable presence guarantee that they are all handled.

Contract Choice Billing to handle your prosthetics billing needs.

The fact that Choice Billing is able to provide pre- and post-billing support is one of the main benefits of outsourcing your prosthetics medical billing services to us. that too assiduously while maintaining adaptable communication standards. Furthermore, billing operations necessitate a thorough understanding of Medicaid, Medicare, and other commercial plans’ reimbursement policies. Our primary services include prosthesis and psychiatry billing, both of which demand constant quality adherence and keeping abreast of all the most recent modifications to documentation requirements and reimbursement guidelines. The potential for denials, rejections, and instances of incorrect invoicing or billing exacerbates the issue. For independent medical practices, receiving payment for medical services is undoubtedly a nightmare. Selective Billing

Unlock Quicker Processing of Claims,
Correct Coding & Increased Compensation!

Why Select Choice Billing as the Billing Company for Your Prosthetics?

Choice Billing establishes the optimal standard from the beginning by providing expedited front-end tasks, such as verifying eligibility, coordinating a legitimate prescription with the provider office, compiling therapy notes, and arranging equipment delivery. When everything is done together, the tone is set for cleaner claim submissions, which reduces denials and increases revenue collections. At Choice Billing, where there is a severe labor shortage, we provide you with the highest productivity metrics and know what it means to be consistent.

Benefits of Selecting Choice Billing as Your Partner.

The following are some of the main benefits of using Choice Billing’s medical billing services:

The Winning Support Philosophy

At Choice Billing, we think it’s important to invest in our teams and clients so they can reach their greatest potential. This develops a succession of leaders who will be able to manage your practice as though it were their own. Our company’s staff consistently participates in training and educational programs across the United States to guarantee top-notch support and services.

Specialized Knowledge in the Prosthetics Sector

Our comprehensive support for all shapes and sizes of healthcare practices is guaranteed by our proven track record of success and our deep ties to the highly structured and regulated prosthesis billing industry. The combined industry experience of our knowledgeable staff is your assurance that we can handle any challenging compliance or billing issue.

A Proven Option for Billing Services Performance 

Billing guarantees the front-end success of your practices in addition to supporting your back-end billing and accounts receivable. We accomplish that by successfully securing authorizations and verifications. Prior to filing a claim to Medicare, our billing services also provide compliance scrubs on each claim. Because of PRG’s meticulous attention to detail, our experts have an industry-leading audit pass rate of more than 97% for claims involving compliance scrubs.

Utilize Our Targeted Billing Services to Receive 24/7 Support.

We don’t require any physical space at your establishment in order to provide our clients with ongoing, expert support. We handle your RCM, audits, and medical billing from a distance in real time. Additionally, in order to review your AR, handle any problems, and keep lines of communication open, we provide on-demand conference calls.