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Neonatology Medical Billing Services

We recognize that the complicated neonatology treatments your practice receives hinder its ability to flourish in the onerous billing system. It’s crucial to contract out neonatology medical billing services so you can focus on your primary responsibilities. Our group of medical billers is adept at confirming each patient’s insurance coverage. Give our neonatology billing experts a hand with your patients’ bills so you can accurately submit claims. We align the claims with the demand because we are aware of the changes in the payer’s requirements. With our expert advice, current knowledge, and extensive billing experience, Choice Billing Medical Billing Services can help you maximize your neonatology practice and surpass your billing expectations.

Our Medical Billing Services for Neonatology Assist Your Practice in Submitting Accurate Claims

By contracting out neonatology billing services, your medical staff can efficiently handle patient needs. Choice Billing makes an estimate of the flaws in your revenue stream that cause revenue leaks. We handle your medical billing and meet your billing needs as the leading neonatology billing company. With our scalable billing parameters, we maximize the growth of your practice while enhancing patient collections. Allow our neonatology billing experts to assess and enhance your current billing setup. After you outsource neonatology medical billing services, we provide the greatest benefits your neonatology practice requires from Choice Billing.

Obtain the Accurate Medical Billing Services for Neonatology
To Foster the Expansion of Your Practice

Current Billing Knowledge and Skill to Increase Practice Productivity

We are aware of the challenges that could occur if payer requirements are not met prior to claim submission. To boost the percentage of clean claims, our medical billers stay informed about the requirements set forth by your current payers and complie with them. To improve the health of your practice, let our experts handle the billing functions and claims management. Our invoicing staff is skilled at handling follow-ups regarding denied and unpaid claims. Allow us to handle your billing duties with our expertise and outcome-driven billing procedures. We provide complete solutions for a range of specialties, including nephrology medical billing, in addition to our outstanding neonatology billing services, to maximize revenue and expedite healthcare billing procedures.

Verification of Pre-Eligibility for Insurance

Competent billing specialists at Choice Billing confirm the benefits covered by the insurance policy. Let us check if your patients can receive the necessary neonatology services paid for by insurance. We verify the amount that patients pay and limit their expenses based on the insurance plans that are offered. Our team assists your medical staff in maximizing your account receivables and collecting patient collectibles such as co-pay.

Higher Rates of Payment Collection

Our goal is to use our skilled billing knowledge to give providers the greatest possible billing experience. We initiate patient statements, which makes it easier for us to collect patient payments. This keeps patients informed about the money that is still owed from their end and helps your practice maintain contact with them. You can keep your practice up to date and provide immediate patient care without having to worry about insurance payments by outsourcing your neonatology medical billing.

Maximize your options for Neonatology Medical Billing 

Billing is capable of offering the best medical billing services to improve the capabilities of your practice. We put in place the best billing procedures to boost your practice’s health and financial sustainability. Allow us to handle the billing for your practice by using our effective billing audit services and full-cycle revenue management. We promise to deliver high-quality outcomes and provide you with the greatest real-time medical billing services.

Optimize Acceptance of First-Round Claims

Our billing staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the latest billing practices, which greatly aids in lowering the denial rate. In order to manage claims in accordance with the necessary criteria and minimize denials, we carry out thorough billing audits. In order to keep an eye on underpayments, we also incorporate the typical billing touchpoints. In order to maximize collections, our staff files denial appeals and checks claims until they receive the appropriate compensation.

Simplified Medical Billing Services for Neonatology

Our group strikes a sensible balance in order to properly handle the claims. Your personnel will benefit from leaving the claims administration to our professionals if you outsource your medical billing services. We guarantee to provide the outcomes your neonatology practice needs. To increase the first-pass claim ratio, our team strives to submit accurate and clean claims.

Selective Invoicing Offers The Finest Medical Billing Services for Neonatology with Satisfaction Promised

Allow us to handle the specialized billing for your patients whose payments have not yet been approved. With our skilled billing approach, we help you improve your practice’s income and health. We enhance your neonatology practice’s financial results and speed up payment processing. Allow our billing specialists to reduce your A/R days and lower your denial rate to a minimum. Choice Billing provides excellent medical billing services for neonatology so you can increase patient collections and boost your revenue.